Stand up to CANCER

Want to donate to help cancer researchers? Well there was this show on today (friday, September 5) on channel 2, 4, and 7. It was called "Stand Up to Cancer" and it was celebrities and cancer survivors that gathered to help out. You can donate and help out by visiting this website:
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to Think Pink-Know Pink

I have created this site to spread cancer awareness. It's been inspired by many things, but mostly by my two of my favorite celebrities: Christina Applegate and Chelsea Handler. It really opened my eyes and made me realize that cancer affects EVERYONE. I needed to help do something about it, so here it is. Thank you for supporting it.

With Much LOVE,



NewYorkChique said...

nice blog! I'll link it
you're still keeping your old one, right?

MorenaRena said...

yes definitely. and thanks for linking me :)

B said...

Dude, this is really great of you to do this. I applaud you. I hope your blog becomes very successful, or at least educates many people about cancer. Oh, and I'll click the adds a few times for you. :]

MorenaRena said...

oh really? thanks :)

goabeachresort said...

good will make...and we are here to make it happen...

Fashion Moment said...

Thank you for your comment, darling.
Fantastic idea for blog, and I have just good words for you.
I added you on both of my Lists.